tax extension

Tax Extension FAQs

I’ve heard people talk about getting a tax extension, but I’m unsure why. What are the benefits? And, will I be audited if I do extend? Here are the frequently …

2019 tax planning checklist man

2019 Tax-Planning Checklist

It’s never too early to start organizing information for your tax return. However, fall is a great time to really focus on this effort. One thing we recommend is to …


Nonprofits and FMLA

This article highlights information about the new family leave credit available to employers; impact-themed exchange traded funds; and a study on foundations’ investment performance.

employee meals and entertainment

Employee Meals and Expenses

As a matter of convenience, many of today’s employers provide meals to employees. A recent tax law change, however, may curtail this practice because it limits the tax benefits. This brief article looks at the changing deductibility rules brought forth by the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.